91cm x 210cm
ink and acrylic on canvas
2019 Produced under the name [Kamisaki Utao]
1964 Born in Nagoya, Japan
1990 Completed Graduate School of Tama Art University
2001 Awarded TWW2000 Head of Jury Award
2015 Poster image for Zen-On Contemporary Music Concert

Solo exhibitions and many other exhibitions

1987 Bass member of punk band "Hijo-Neko
2002 Sound performance
2010 Workshop duo caps_roKc
The act of painting sounds and playing pictures may have been practiced since ancient times, and similar attempts have been made since long before painters and musicians appeared in the occupational columns. Paul Klee (1879-1940) was a violinist, and the composer Arnold Schönberg (1874-1951) and the painter Wassily Kandinsky (1866-1944), who corresponded back and forth, the former a painter and the latter a cellist. The former was a painter and the latter a cellist. Sound and image became established as media of sound art and visual art, respectively, at this time, and visual artists Marcel Duchamp (1887-1968) and Jean Philippe Arthur Dubuffet (1901-1985) began to compose and produce works of music. (1901-1985) expanded their expressive activities into composition and improvisation. (See "SOUND ART," published by Film Art, 2010.)
In recent years, the sharing of data through cloud technology has expanded the ways in which human senses and thoughts can be networked globally. The fact that we can now view and listen to all kinds of data about our interests and tastes on the Internet means that the right to see and know has been secured and information has been shared.

When I was still a boy, I listened to my favorite music by copying it from vinyl records to cassette tapes. Even though I knew that the grooves on the record disc recorded the sound, there was no visual overlap between the regular bundle of visible grooves and the rock beat, and when it came to the cassette, all I could see was a narrow magnetic tape. The only media available to read the image of the recorded sound were the textual information and visuals on the record jacket or the tape index label. So the boy started drawing his own jackets and making his own tape labels.... It never reached anyone. It went beyond self-satisfaction and became nothing more than a mass of uncontrollable desire (so-called chuunibyou-ji). It did not resonate.

 I attended my child's graduation ceremony. At the end of the song, in which a chorus of graduates and current students enlivened the occasion, the sound of a video camera operating was heard in the stereo. I had a feeling that the song could have been a song with sampled sounds. I'm also suffering from tinnitus on a quiet night, but I'm dazzled by a hybrid car that operates silently without emitting any engine noise that I should be able to hear.


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